Aug 272014

I’d love to say I have some kind of well thought out, eloquent post in me. I do not. My sad, neglected blog is likely to remain just that for the foreseeable future, and this post won’t break that trend. This is just a thought dump. A “what’s going on with me” that most of you will likely gloss over if you even bother to read it in the first place.

Man, that sure sounded emo.

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Mar 082006

So it’s pretty much a done deal – We’re going to be at Dragon*Con this year. As such, I’m already geeking out and excited over some of the guest that have been confirmed on the D*C web site.

Mira Furlan – Delenn from Babylon 5 (and apparently she’s on, or was on, Lost too)
Stephen Furst – Vir Kodo from Babylon 5 (and Flounder from Animal House)
Traci Lords – Hottie. I think she does some Sci-Fi stuff, too.
Erin Moran – Joanie, baby! Happy Days are here again!
Peter David – Always a blast.

And, of course, the Cruxshadows.