Nov 212010

Last night I finally retired my old server. That’s her in the picture on the right there.

I originally picked up this computer when I was working for Staples. If I am not mistaken it was sometime in 1999. I grabbed it during the “free computer with internet service” craze. I signed a contract to use the MSN dial-up service for three years an in exchange I got a shiny new eMachines computer.

The funny thing is that when I finally called to cancel the service after my three years was up I asked them to double check my account to make sure I had fulfilled my obligation. The operator had no idea what I was talking about and told me there was no service contract on my account at all. I could have canceled at any time.

Oh well.

The specs for the machine, that are still visible on the sticker that I never took off the front of the case, are as follows :

  • 366Mhz Intel Celeron Processor
  • 32MB RAM (upgradeable to 256MB)
  • 3.2 GB Hard Drive
  • 32x CD-Rom Drive
  • 56k FaxModem
  • 3D 4MB AGP Graphics

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