Oct 202011

As I mentioned during my live blog of the Republican debate the other night, I get really uncomfortable when the whole religion question pops up in politics. The reason is, of course, because I’m an Atheist. I have a problem with anyone telling me that they think their actions are divinely inspired, much less someone who desires to be the leader of the free world. It’s always amazed me that if an individual claims that they blew up a building because a mythical sky being told them to do so we say they are crazy, but if someone else says they are running for political office because a different version of the same mythical sky being told them they were supposed to we think that’s perfectly ok.

No, running for office isn’t the same thing as blowing up a building…but you’re both still claiming that your actions were directed by a being nobody else has the ability to see or hear.

That’s kinda creepy to me.

But I digress…

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