Jun 232014

Shortly after I started the final push for my Bachelor’s Degree back in 2011, I purchased an Asus Eee PC so that I would have something portable to do my school work on. It cost me about $400 at the time. I upgraded the RAM in it to the maximum that it could possibly hold, and I threw a SD memory card in it to run ReadyBoost as well. In the years that have followed, I have installed tons of software on it that I have needed to complete my assignments. IDE’s, Server software (IIS AND Tomcat), database programs, the MS Office suite, you name it.

In all the time I have been using this netbook, the only thing I have had to do to it to keep it running was buy a new battery.

As I approach the final 5 weeks of my scholastic career, my little netbook is struggling. It has never been reformatted. The amount of time I’d have to spend re-installing all the software I need just hasn’t made it worth pursuing. What used to be a zippy little machine is now sluggish and frustrating to use.

But it still works.

Once school is done my netbook is probably going into retirement. I may reformat it first and see how it performs after that, but I’ve got my eye on more powerful machines as I move on to the next phase of my life and career. Regardless of that, it will be somewhat painful to let this little engine that could go. It has performed well beyond my expectations, and was worth every penny I spent on it. When I do decide to finally shut it off for the last time, I know I’ll feel more than a little sad.

“That will do, Netbook. That will do.”

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  3 Responses to “A Tribute To My Netbook”

  1. One of my temp jobs involved setting up Acer netbooks for field personnel that were cataloging the damage from the Gulf Oil Spill. Those little machines were amazing. These days I have a Windows tablet.

    • I’m thinking of picking up some form of MacBook as I’m thinking about playing around with iOS development. Although I may end up re-thinking that. I was reading an article in MSDN magazine that seemed to indicate that you can do iOS development using Visual Studio and the new version of C#.

  2. I have been over the moon with my Asus Transformer tablet + keyboard over the last few years. I was quite put out to see Asus has transitioned it’s Transformer line to Windows Mobile. They’ll be losing a customer when the new-in-the-box back up tablet I found on sale dies in a few years.

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