Apr 052013

So I am writing this post using the WordPress app on my new iPad. I do not mention this as some kind of surreptitious brag, but more as a form of disclaimer to head off any criticisms of horrible spelling or wretched formatting that may appear below.

I do have a totally awesome new iPad, though.

Monday was April Fool’s Day. As I said on Twitter, it is day that half of the internet tries to be funny and the other half bitches about it. Seriously, man. People get downright irate. I gotta be honest, folks. I don’t get it. Sure, the over-abundance of the exceedingly clever “I am pregnant” posts can be tiring, and we’ve all gotten tired of trying to figure out if our friend was really fired from their job or not. But the level of hostility that I see from some of my friends is downright puzzling.

I feel that way about a lot of things that make people made on social media, though. Sporting events. Award shows. New episodes of really popular tv shows. All things that can cause quite a lot of buzz in social media, and all things that cause some folks to go absolutely mental.

I just don’t understand the need to shit on something that is clearly entertaining a lot of people. Is the Super Bowl not your cup of tea? I grok. But if seeing people talk about it online irks you then just turn off the damn feed (or use any number of tools than filter out content). You KNOW when April 1st is coming, so if you hate April fool’s jokes stay the hell offline. Take some responsibility for removing yourself from an annoying situation when you are clearly the minority instead of being such a god damned curmudgeon, man.

Huh. I just bitched about people who bitch. Oh, the sweet irony!!

I have determined that typing on an iPad sucks balls, thus bringing this experiment (and post) to a very unceremonious end.

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  1. There are some fantastical keyboard solutions for iPad. Craig and others have much more experience than I do but I will add this. Since purchasing my Nexus 7 about five months ago I purchased a bluetooth keyboard immediately. Since then I have slowly stopped using it as I learn to enter text more efficiently, and as the predictive text gets better and better with learning. I think that nothing will completely replace the keyboard for me, but I think that with use you might be surprised.

    P.S. Complaining about personal responsibility is a losing battle. Just say no, ignore the idiots and move along.

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