Aug 312010

It is currently 7:30 AM on Tuesday, August 31st, 2010. I am on vacation, and will be until next Thursday. Krystalle, Rafe and I will be leaving very early Thursday morning to drive to Atlanta for Dragon*Con, but for now I am simply taking some time off and generally trying to relax.

I am…restless.

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Aug 252010

Recently a friend of mine posted in her blog about some of her first loves. Reading that got me to thinking about my first girlfriend, Lynnetta Boehle.

We dated for a few weeks when we were in the 8th grade. Then she moved. I have suspected on more than one occasion that the only reason she agreed to date me in the first place is because we were friends and she knew that it would only last a short time before she was in another state. The reason I suspect this is because after she moved she never returned any of my letters to her.

What I recall of our brief relationship was pretty awesome, though. She was a great kisser, and she didn’t seem to shy away from the fact that I called her my Black Cat (and I was, of course, her Spider-Man…yes, that’s right…my pet names for us were based on my favorite comic book).

I found out that our relationship was over when she sent a letter to one of our mutual friends talking about her new boyfriend and wondering how she was going to tell me. Considering the fact that she hadn’t said word one to me since she moved I’m not sure exactly why that was a concern, but hey…we were young. I’m pretty sure that she knew I’d find out from said mutual friend.

Lynnetta moved back to the area a few years later and ended up at my high school. In an effort to re-kindle our relationship I took the bold step of “borrowing” my Mom’s car while she was out of town on vacation, picking her up at her bus stop, and taking her back to my place to skip school for the day. In an utterly awesome romantic mood I threw a movie into the VCR to get her to relax and have a good time.

You know what movie it was?

Transformers : The Movie.


In High School. 10th grade, I think. My idea of “woo” was to show the girl I liked a cartoon about giant fucking robots.

I sometimes wonder how I ever managed to actually breed.

Aug 232010

Image by geishaboy500 via flickr

It’s a Saturday night, and I am in the process of firming up the fact that I am the best Dad ever.

You see, as opposed to sitting at home futzing around on my computer or even, perhaps, going out on the town I am sitting in the lounge of an indoor Parkour track that is located in Odessa, Florida. Have you not heard of Odessa, Florida? Yeah, neither have I, really. It’s pretty much in the middle of nowhere, about an hour from our house. There are no decent places to hang out anywhere near here, unless you consider McDonalds a “decent” place to hang out (and even that is about 10 minutes or so away). Why am I sitting in this lounge, you may ask? Because my son has recently been intensely interested in Parkour, and he really wanted to come up here and take the two hour class that they are offering.

So. Here I am.

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Aug 192010

You see that one? You see that utter and complete failure personified right there?

That represents my roll to keep this blog updated more often. Wow. Talk about critical failures. I haven’t updated in over two months. It’s certainly not that there hasn’t been stuff to write about, I just…I don’t know what. No inspiration? Lack of energy? Total eclipse of the heart?

Turn around, bright eyes.

Anyway, I thought I’d make some kind of lame effort to put content out here this morning as I’m up particularly early thanks to an overwhelming need to urinate and a gnawing hunger in my belly. Yes, you totally needed to know that.

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