May 232010

There is a stillness to the world when you’re up at 7:30 AM on a Sunday morning. At least there is in my house. No televisions are on. No music is playing. Nobody is walking through my office to get to the kitchen or sitting in the living room playing on a console. It’s nice, but at the same time it’s somewhat disturbing. I truly enjoy moments of quiet and solitude when I can find them, but when they occur at any time after the sun comes up it feels somewhat unnatural.

My Mother is still in the hospital, and she is probably going to be there for a long time. The long story short, for those of you who haven’t seen my updates on Twitter and Facebook, is that she went in for a very minor outpatient procedure to collapse a varicose vein that turned into a blood clot in her heel and chemical burns all over the inside of her lower leg and foot. She has spent the last week and a half since the procedure in pain, she has blisters and bruising all over the lower half of her right foot, and the doctors cannot say at this point if she has done any long-term damage. I am worried that, at the very least, she is going to lose her little toe. It has been black since before she went into the hospital.

I have called her frequently, but I have not been back to the hospital since I took her in. I worry that makes me a bad son, but the fact is that I kinda hate it when people visit me in the hospital and I tend to project my hatred of that on to the people I know and love who are staying there. It’s embarrassing to me. When you’re in the hospital you are at your absolute worst, and I generally don’t want people to see me at my worst, yanno?

Again, that’s just me…and in all honesty I’ve never stayed in the hospital for more than a few days at a time. Watch me turn around bitch that nobody is coming to see me if I end up in the hospital for a long time.

Dead Man’s Cell Phone is coming together nicely. We’re at a wonderful point where David, our director, is comfortable enough with where we are to really start nit-picking on small moments and choices. This may seem like a frustrating thing hearing about it from the outside, but it’s a REALLY good sign. It means that he has the time to work with us to find those little touches that make a show really special. It’s also very nice to hear a director tell his/her cast “I didn’t take notes on everything I saw that was good because if I had I’d have spent the whole time writing and I wouldn’t have seen what you were doing.”

I am starting to have deep thoughts about my Facebook account. I’m not thinking about getting rid of it or anything, but I think it may be time to create some lists and do a bit of filtering. Ahh, just like the old LiveJournal days. See, a few weeks ago there were questions as to whether or not Rafe and I were using company time to post to ShrinkGeek. After hearing that I asked the Information Security folks to block our site at the Firewall so that we couldn’t possibly do so, because we set up our posts to go out during the day regardless of when we write them. I didn’t want there to be any questions, yanno? In any case, it really kind of caused me to take a step back and think about who I have on my account and how much access they really need to my status updates. Part of me likes the thought of making connections with my co-workers and what not outside of the office, but the other part of me looks at shit like that and says the risk isn’t worth it.

I need my job. I don’t need someone questioning the fact that I may not be doing it efficiently because I happen to post a lot of status updates.

I don’t know. I haven’t done it yet, but the possibility is on my mind because David mentioned doing so with his students last night while we were having a beer at the New World Brewery in Ybor City. I don’t put a lot of risque/damning information out there, but there’s enough that perhaps it would be wise for me to reel it in a bit.

Thoughts. I have them.

Not really much else to report on, and I have much I need to do today so I shall end this post here in a completely anticlimactic way.


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