Mar 212010

Representative Young,

Unless I miss my guess, this email is likely to be screened through one of your aides and would not be likely to impact your decision to vote against the Health Care Reform bill that should be introduced in the House today. This makes me sad, but unlike Don Quixote I have no interest in tilting against windmills by trying to convince you to change your mind.

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Mar 072010

I’m getting old and boring.

It is 8:41 PM Eastern Standard Time on a Saturday night as I write this. I spent the majority of my day today grocery shopping and planning meals for the next two weeks. I got up at 7:30 AM. I am yawning my fool head off as I write this.

I figured perhaps with the quiet and calm that is currently settled around the house I could do some writing for my next episode of The Cast In Order of Appearance, but I do not feel awake enough to truly get any sort of productive writing out of it. So instead you all get some kind of random babblings. Lucky you.

Well, it’s not 12:16 PM EST on Sunday. As you can see I didn’t even finish up a mindless blathering post.

Pointless content launching now!