Jun 162009

60 Minutes on the treadmill at 4 MPH

10 Minutes on the treadmill at 3.2 MPH

5 sets of 5 Assisted Pull-Ups with 200 pounds counterweight

5 sets of 5 Pulldowns – 80 pounds

5 sets of 5 Dumbell Rows – 25 pounds

5 sets of 5 Bicep Curls – 25 pounds

100 Pushup Challenge – Exhaustion Test (13)

200 Situp Challenge – Week Six, Column Three, Set Three (39-39-50-50-39-39-33-33-218)

18 Minutes EA SPORTS Active

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  2 Responses to “Workout of the Day – Monday, June 15th”

  1. Do you walk at 4.0 Mph? That’s borderline walk/jog for me. Course, I have stubby legs.

    And, what do you think about Wii Fit -vs- EA Sports Active? Wondering if I need to put EA Sports on my Fathers’ Day list.

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