Jun 302009

35 Minutes Elliptical Machine

4×5 Assisted Pull Ups – 180 pounds (down 10 pounds)

1×3 Assisted Pull Ups – 180 pounds (down 10 pounds)

1×2 Assisted Pull Ups – 190 pounds

4×5 Pulldown – 100 pounds (up 10 pounds)

1×5 Pulldown – 90 pounds

5×5 Dumbbell Row – 40 pounds (up 5 pounds)

3×5 Bicep Curls – 25 pounds

2×4 Bicep Curls – 25 pounds

35 Minutes Treadmill

No freakin’ idea what’s going on with the bicep curls in those last two sets but not only was I not able to go up at all I couldn’t complete a set I’ve done several times already.  Maybe I stressed my muscles out too much increasing on the other machines.  I think I’m finding the weights I need to work with for a few constant workouts.  Overall, though, I’m kinda dissappointed with this one.

Jun 192009

So I have a Cafe Press store.  I got to playing around with it today because Summer said something really funny that sounded T-Shirt worthy.  In doing so I cam across the following product that was in my shop –

The reason I find this noteworthy is because I have NO IDEA WHAT THIS BUMPER STICKER MEANS.

Seriously.  None.

I can only assume that it came about during my days hanging out with the ladies on the Bad Girl Swirl.  Perhaps it was something Anais said.  That’s as close as I get to an explanation.

My life is weird.

Jun 182009

65 Minutes Treadmill at 4 MPH (5 minute intervals on level surface followed by 1 minute intervals at 6% incline)

Assisted Pull Up – 190 pound counterweight (5 sets of 5)

Pulldown – 80 pounds (5 sets of 5)

Dumbbell Rows – 25 pounds (5 sets of 5)

Bicep Curls – 25 pounds (5 sets of 5)

100 Pushup Challenge – Week Two, Column 1, Set 1 (4-6-4-4-8)

200 Situp Challenge – Exhaustion Test (80)

I have decided to re-boot my situp challenge  paying close attention to form and allowing the full one second hold time on the crunch.  While I can still do 80 I’m not getting 200 in at this point methinks.

Jun 172009

As supplied by the folks over at Gallup…

Instinctively, you understand the utility that technology can bring to an organization and are always looking for the best equipment and the best ways to use that equipment.  In addition to your technical expertise, you possess social and emotional talents that are often rare in the information technology field.  Socially initiating and verstaile, your primary social instinct is to intentionally expand the breadth of your social network as you are comfortable and effective in meeting new people.  Possessing high levels of emotional intelligence, your empathy gives you a strong awareness of human emotions that helps you to understand the emotional implications of decisions and actions.  Your positivity contributes to your emotional intelligence as it enables you to be emotionally influential.  You have a  natural capacity for helping others to feel better.  While some might ignore or minimize the value of human emotion, your possess a holistic view of humans and a view of the world that places a high value on all human beings.

I’d be interested to hear how accurate you all feel that is.

Jun 162009

60 Minutes on the treadmill at 4 MPH

10 Minutes on the treadmill at 3.2 MPH

5 sets of 5 Assisted Pull-Ups with 200 pounds counterweight

5 sets of 5 Pulldowns – 80 pounds

5 sets of 5 Dumbell Rows – 25 pounds

5 sets of 5 Bicep Curls – 25 pounds

100 Pushup Challenge – Exhaustion Test (13)

200 Situp Challenge – Week Six, Column Three, Set Three (39-39-50-50-39-39-33-33-218)

18 Minutes EA SPORTS Active

Jun 102009

I grew up watching Bob Keeshan play Captain Kangaroo. I don’t remember the show vividly to be completely honest. I believe I had moved on to bigger and better things by the time I started forming real memories. My memories of the show are more impressions than anything else. I found a quote from Keeshan this morning, though, that indicates he may have at least somewhat influenced the person who I became as an adult.

The responsibility of parents is to raise children who do not need parents.

When my son is an adult I want him to not need me anymore.  I want him to call me or shoot me an email every once in a while to let me know what is going on in his life, hell maybe even every day if he feels like it, but I want him to lead his life on his own.  I want him to face the challenges life throws at him on his own two feet, and when life knocks him on his ass I want him to get back up again on his own.  If he can’t I want him to know he can always call on me to help but I want that to be the aboslute last thing he would do – not the first.  Not because I will make him feel like shit about it, but becuase he doesn’t WANT to get help from anyone else to solve his problems.

I have, in the last few weeks, seen two very different examples of how bad it is for adults to rely on their parents to get them through life and I can’t have that for Alex.