May 232009

With the way things have been going in the economy recently I’ve been thinking a lot about where I spend my money. Specifically, where it goes after I spend it. I’ve been doing a lot of my grocery shopping at Sam’s Club recently, which in the realm of “keeping your dollars local” is about as far off the mark as you can get. I realize that, but I also realize that I have to feed my family and that right now every dollar I spend on groceries has to go as far as it can (I am determined to be out of debt with the exception of my house in the next five years and must stick to my grocery budget).

All of that being said, when I do find the occasion to actually go out and spend some money I’ve had a very strong desire to make sure that it’s going to stay here in the community. When Alex and I went out for lunch a few weeks ago we went to Evo’s, for example. I got a cake earlier today from a place here called Cakes by Carolyn and I’m very excited about the fact that there is a new book store near my house called Books at Park Place that carries a decent selection of gaming, science fiction, and fantasy books.

My desire to do this really makes me wish there was an active St. Petersburg blog and I’m half-tempted to start one myself.

So those of you who live in the ‘burg…tell me…where should I be going?

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