Apr 262009

Hey all!

I’ve been having yet another online identity crisis of late. I’ve been delving a lot into the whole social networking thing, and as a result of that my online life and my real life are becoming horribly entwined – particularly in regards to my job. That being the case, I’ve felt a bit stifled at times recently. There have been things I wanted to say and could not, or perhaps it’s better to say that I could but I didn’t feel comfortable with it.

Sometimes you just wanna say fuck, ya know?

That being said I’m probably going to be posting here more under friends tags. Nothing particularly drama-laden. I just want to be able to write about stupid shit occasionally and not worry about whether or not my co-workers are going to get weird over it.

Due to this I’m paring down the friends list. This really needs to be a “friends” list. People I know and trust. If you don’t fall into that category my apologies, but I’m going to be cutting you from my list. If for some reason I cut you and you think you fall into that “real friends” realm please let me know.

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  4 Responses to “Hello my friends we meet again”

  1. Do I qualify? 😀

  2. ….you have no idea how many times in a week I feel like saying something on Twitter about how I should fire everyone and start over. But half the people who work for me follow me on Twitter! It would start a riot!

    Way to go social networking for giving me nowhere to be frustrated anymore.

  3. I can still read this, so I think you missed me.

  4. Liz, any week in which you do not say “fuck,” and express deeply misanthropic thoughts, I worry that you’ve been replaced by Folgers Crystals.

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