Jan 292009

It is my belief that when man is given a choice to work, or not to work, he will choose not to.  That is why the invention of a machine that will do all of man’s work for him will be the destruction of our society.  The human condition is not prepared for the drastic change that will be inflicted by such a machine.  It will remove the sense of purpose that man has unknowingly needed throughout all of recorded time.

– Joe Popp, Maxwell :  A New Rock Musical by Joe Popp

Jan 122009

I haven’t made a post here in almost a month, and all I have is the really lame excuse of “I was busy with the holidays and rehearsing for a show.”  I’m still really busy, actually.  I just started a new semester of classes at Saint Petersburg College (I’m taking the classes necessary to get into their B.S. Technology Management program).

That being said, my creativity is kind of at an all time low – which really sucks because I’m working on a super-secret new project with some friends that is going to require quite a bit of creativity from me in very short order.

The preceding two paragraphs were a lame setup for the cheesy premise of the post that follows.  I’m going to take some of my tweets from the last month and expand on them.

So lame.

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