Nov 052008

This morning I asked those who follow me on Facebook and Twitter not to be dicks when it came to the election results from last night.  I feel that, in some ways, I am violating that request by making this post.  I honestly can’t help myself, though.  Reading some of this I can’t tell if I should laugh or cry.

I feel that are country betryed us and im scared for our troops because our country vote for “OBAMA” are world is goin to be truned upside down!

No, it’s fear of the known that we just put in a Crypto-Muslim in the Executive Branch, and our very culture is in danger. In eight years, we’ll be under a New Prohibition, and all of our holidays and any other trace of our Christian culture will be wiped out. Spousal abuse will be declared legal under Sharia law; so you ladies can look forward to your husbands legally being able to beat you for any reason. Pleasant screams. The USA has just signed its own death warrant.

I can’t wait till I go abroad and am “congratulated” on the Obama win, and see the faces when I tell them that it was the single worst day in American history.

I will update this post as I find more gems.  Hopefully I won’t have to update it a lot.

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