Oct 292008

In no particular order, and because I really don’t feel like spamming Twitter with all of this today.

  • I am sick.  There is no denying it.  I dreamt all night about having a sore throat, and when I woke up this morning I realized it wasn’t just a dream.  What I was hoping was just dryness due to the weather change has since been confirmed as sinus yuckiness and a general feeling of malaise.
  • I have not exercised regularly in months.  I was starting to get back into the swing of it and then we had house guests for a week and things started to get intense with The History of the Devil rehearsals.  As is usual, I have pretty much stopped tracking and have been eating like shit because I’m too tired and/or busy to go to the store.  As of last check I was up 13 pounds.
  • My face broke out badly recently and is not likely to have recovered by the time this evening rolls around.  Which means I either cover the redness with makeup and make my face break out worse or worry about whether or not the audience can see the big red splotches on and around my nose.
  • Just had to order another keyboard tray for my desk.  Had to replace one already (I have two).  The new trays I’m getting are awesome, but they also cost about $120.
  • I am seriously stressed about my fight scene in Devil.  I have no idea how it looked last night, but I know that I managed to hit myself in the balls and tag Jason in the nose.  I’ve been working with my stance and throwing punches whenever I’m off stage, but unfortunately one of the problems I’m facing is that I’m just stiff and sore going into the scene because I spend the previous hour basically standing still in one spot.  Did my best to stretch back out again during intermission and before I go on last night, but still dealing with some pain.  See the item above about how I haven’t exercised regularly in months.
  • We are changing our medical insurance provider at work.  This is a huge pain in the ass.  On top of that, the two insulin medications my son takes daily are considered to be “Tier 3” medications on this plan.  Currently I pay $35 each for them.  As of January 1st I’ll be paying $60.

Eh. I could bitch some more but not really much point.  Just generally cranky because of the cold, I guess.  I’ll get over it.

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