Sep 062008

So now that the month of vacations is over and I’m re-establishing a somewhat normal pattern around the house I decided to be Mr. Productive today and get some stuff done around the house.  Well, that was my intention at the beginning of the day.  I ended up being delayed in the morning by several hours due to the fact that there was yet another scammer trying to get our Member account information this morning.  It’s the second one in a week!  Last week it was a pretty elaborate phishing scam, but this week it was automated calls that were asking folks to call another number and enter their credit card information!   I had originally intended to hit Home Depot early this morning, but I didn’t get out of the house until around 12:30 becuase I was was waiting for official word on what we should post on the web site.

Once I finally got rolling on the day I grabbed Alex and we hit up Home Depot, Pet Smart, and Wal Mart.  Picked up some stuff that was needed to do tasks around the house and came back home.  The big project I had for today was fixing a leak in the front bathroom.  Considering the nature of the leak I was assuming it was the wax seal on the base of the toilet, which was odd because I had just replaced it a year or two ago.  After going through all the trouble of fixing that I got everything cleaned up and back together only to discover there was still a leak!  I think I finally narrowed it down to the tank not being completely secure and spent a great deal of time tightening that up.  So far, so good on that front but some of the damage is done already.  There’s still water under the tiles in the bathroom and I believe that caused the door frame to the bathroom to warp slightly.  The door is now hard to open and close and makes horrible noises when you do so.

Oh well.  At least the bathroom is clean.

After that I had to run out again and go pick up some prescriptions for Krystalle because her con crud has apparently developed into full blown pneumonia.  Fun times!  She’s been sick as a dog for three days now, barely able to do much more than lay on the couch and watch DVD’s.  All I’ve got to say is that I’m REALLy glad I made an effort to prevent the con crud this year, because what she’s got is super nasty.

Got back from the store and started working with Alex to clean up his room.  This basically involved going through everything he owns and deciding if it stays or goes.  Today I pretty much helped him make the transition from boy to young man.  I’d guess that close to 98% of the toys and games that were in his bedroom are now in the trunk of my mini-van waiting to go to goodwill.  It’s very surreal realizing that he really is growing up now.  I wish that perhaps he’d held on to childhood a bit longer, but what can you do?

Guess I’ll just have to continue fostering that love for RPG’s.  :

Speaking of RPG’s, I was bummed to find out that my “super awesome” idea to have a Modern “League of Extraordinary Gentlmen” GURPS game had not only been on the game schedule at Dragon*Con, but was also recently made fun of in PVP online.  Oh well.  I still think it’s a fun idea, damnit.

Ok, that’s really all I’ve got for now.  Gonna start fresh with Alex on finishing his room in the morning.  For now I think it’s time for a shower, some dinner, and a few hours of mindless entertainment.

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