Sep 052008

Well, the month of August has finally come and gone.  Convergence 14 is done.  Gen Con is done.  Dragon*Con is done.  I’ve blown through the large majority of my vacation hours and maxed out several credit cards.

Was it worth it?

Oh, hell yes.

Dragon*Con was a blast.  For starters I didn’t spend the entire weekend cooped up in the hotel room working this time.  That really made it much more enjoyable.  I got to spend a lot of face time with the WoW guildies as well as hang out with several of my friends from other social circles.  I got a lovely bottle of Scotch and a stuffed lemur as presents (the scotch did not make it home).  I got some tasty vittles.  It was awesome.  As planned, I took comfortable shoes, a cooler, and some snacks this year.  Manged to save a bit of cash on the food and drink bill and didn’t come home with any kind of pain.  Also ate a banana and took a vitamin every day, which I believe helped to prevent me from getting the dreaded Con Crud (and considering how badly Krystalle has it right now, I’m very glad of that).

I have, however, come to the conclusion that with the number of folks I know who are involved in the MMO track (up to and including my other half), I should just suck it up and be on staff next year.  I spent probably 75% of the time I was on the floor at the con at MMO track related events anyway, and if I’m going to put that kind of time in I might as well get a free badge out of the process, yanno?  I’m also looking into a suite for next year.  I think if the cost is split between six folks the daily rate is going to be fairly close to a regular room with lots of extra space, more privacy, and a bar.  I’m not sure if there is actually a kitchen in the suites, but if there is we can save more money by actually cooking in the room.  If not, it’s a place we can get takeout and all eat comfortably in for the guild dinners without spending a fortune.

Well, I could probably write more (and may later) but I’m still playing catch up around the house and what not so I’m going to unceremoniously end this post now.  Laters!

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