Aug 102008

So I haven’t made a post of any kind in weeks.  Funny, that.  This was going to be my new, deep blog off of Live Journal where I posted more regularly and made an effort to put out meaningful content.  Instead I let it go silent for weeks on end.

I suppose I just don’t feel as though I’ve had anything really interesting to say.  As of this writing it is 6:20 AM on Sunday morning, and the house is relatively quiet.  I figure I’ll just start writing stuff down as it occurs to me and when I’ve decided that there is enough I’ll hit the post button.  Fair enough?

I can start by explaining why I’m up at 6:20 AM on a Sunday morning.  Last night Krystalle and I went to The Columbia Restaurant in Ybor City for the CorpGoth dinner at Convergence 14.  The meal was pretty tasty, truth be told, but it kicked both of our asses physically.  Me?  I think I may have gotten ahold of some bad seafood.  Either that, or I just ate too much.  I think it was the former.  I got the Paella “Al la Valencia,” which is a predominantly seafood version of the dish.  I really, really should have gone with the beef based one.  Not that it was bad, mind you, but it wasn’t really the taste I was after.  There there is that whole “made me hurl” thing.  I don’t think it’s food poisoning because I’m feeling ok since my initial illness, but something in the meal definitely didn’t sit right with me.  We only got to hang out with our friends back at the hotel for a few mintues before I asked Krys to get me home.  Krys, on the other hand, didn’t get sick from her food per se…but it gave her a gall bladder attack.  Worst one she’s had in a while, as far as I can tell.  When she came to bed she was in so much pain she woke me up, so I did what I could for her (tiger balm rubdown with a lot of pressure) and helped her get to sleep.

Not a happy end to a pretty nice evening, folks.  We’re supposed to be going to The Wake this afternoon, with is a pre-paid meal at the Tampa Bay Brewing Company at 11:30 AM.  At this point I’m really not sure if we’re going to make it, considering the fact that Krys may very well STILL be in pain from the meal of the evening before.

Oh, wow.  I just stumbled across our old Mitternacht LiveJournal Community.   That certainly brings back some memories.  I’ve had a hell of a run so far in World of Warcraft, but the break I’m taking right now was desperately needed.  I’ve re-activated my City of Heroes account and have largely been enjoying running around and having little to no responsibility.

Well, I thought perhaps I’d get more writing done here but I got distracted.  We’re off to Tampa for another Convergence event (hopefully one that won’t make me ill).

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