Aug 162008

So the first two days of Gen Con are under our belts.  Alex and I started out every early Thursday morning playing a game called “Welcome to the Hotel California” using a new (and as of yet unpublished) system called Endless Terrors.  Alex enjoyed it, and while I have to admit that the idea for the adventure we went on was pretty decent the game itself wasn’t all that grand.  The pre-generated characters were a “who’s who” of pop culture figures that the players had to choose from.  Our group, for example, consisted of Peter Vincent from Fright Night, Angel from Buffy/Angel, Anita Blake, Ash from the Evil Dead series, Jack Burton from Big Trouble in Little China, Oz from Buffy, and some guy from Supernatural.  I guess they were shooting for some kind of Modern League of Extraordinary Gentlemen type of deal, but the premise of the game is that the player characters are investigators for an…insurance company.  That’s a totally viable setting, I’m sure, but not when you’re dealing with that type of cast.  Playing that game did give me the inspriation to maybe purchase GURPS and have a League of Extraordinary Gentlemen type of game setting ready to go when my players feel like playing something a bit different.

And for the record, gamer geek boys?  Anita Blake does NOT seduce people, especially strangers and pre-ardeur (which was the description they gave for her powers on the characters sheet).  It’s those squicky kinda things that give us all a bad name, fellas (and yes, it was a dude playing Anita Blake).

Since then things have started going at a pretty breakneck pace.  I actually started this post on Friday morning but didn’t get to finish it, and we really need to get out the door soon.   So a quick bulleted list of highlights –

  • Games purchased – Desolation, Munchkin Booty, Settlers of Catan (with the 5-6 player expansion), Munchkin expansions 2-6, Zombie Fluxx
  • Played in the Munchkin tournament.  Got our asses handed to us.
  • Hooked up with Random and had a grand time walking around with her.
  • Met Drew yesterday and made dinner plans with him for tonight.
  • Video Games Live was absolutely amazing, and made me realize yet again how much music touches me.  Got misty eyed at several points in the show.
  • Late night card gaming with Xany.  Mad Scientist University is too silly.

Ok, that’s pretty much all the time I’ve got to write at the moment.  We have a Paranoia game in 90 minutes and Alex is still sleeping.

Aug 142008

I’m having a “fat” morning.  You know the type, right?  Where you realize you’ve eaten a bunch of crap in the last few days and you know for a fact that you’ve put on some weight?  Yeah, one of those mornings.  I haven’t worked out in about a week and I’ve been (and will be for the next three days) eating lots of restaurant food.  Coupled with the lower back numbness and stiffness I’ve been dealing with, and I really don’t feel like someone who regularly works out for 30 to 60 minutes a day.

Which is kind of a pisser, yo.  You’d think that after nearly two years of pretty consistent exercise I could maybe wake up in the morning without being stiff.

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Aug 102008

So I haven’t made a post of any kind in weeks.  Funny, that.  This was going to be my new, deep blog off of Live Journal where I posted more regularly and made an effort to put out meaningful content.  Instead I let it go silent for weeks on end.

I suppose I just don’t feel as though I’ve had anything really interesting to say.  As of this writing it is 6:20 AM on Sunday morning, and the house is relatively quiet.  I figure I’ll just start writing stuff down as it occurs to me and when I’ve decided that there is enough I’ll hit the post button.  Fair enough?

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