Jul 102008

Yesterday morning I spent several hours being filmed for an in-house training movie.  I have two roles in this short film.  The first is “Mr. TME,” who is the “hero” of the movie.  TME stands for Total Member Experience, which is our company philosophy on how we treat our members.  The other role I’m playing is “Mr. TNT,” the bad example of customer service.  Mr. TNT has a handlebar mustache.  This is why I had to shave my beard and goatee.

The movie is being done in the style of a 1950’s educational film, and what I’ve seen so far is pretty cool.  I’m really hoping to get permission to post it here when it’s complete.

I just got an email from someone over in Marketing, though, that made me wonder if my humiliation was going to extend far beyond this little film.

“I just saw the Mr. TME poster down in the print shop.”



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