Jun 252008

I just had to throw out a mixer that I got as a present from my Mother not too terribly long ago?  Why?  Because at some point one of the fucking cats decided to use it as a urinal.  I went to make brownies to discover some kind of thick, crusty substance in the bottom of the bowl.  I thought it was some kind of Chinese sauce, because my family has a tendency to dump the sauce and fortune cookie packets from our delivery bags in the bowl.  I don’t understand it, but they do (especially when they always just end up in the garbage anyway…but I digress). 

So I pull the bowl off and head towards the sink to clean it when I catch that smell.  If you’ve ever been around cat piss before you know the smell I’m talking about.  Disbelieving I bring the bowl up to my nose and sure enough the caked up liquid in the bowl is cat piss.

Not only was it in the bowl, it was all over the damn mixer.  There’s no cleaning that.  I could never eat anything from it again knowing it had fetid and caked cat urine in it.

So..yeah…animals?  They suck.  No amount of pets and purrs makes up for this shit.  I’m tired of having living beings in my house that cannot clean up after themselves and who will arbitrarily decide that it’s perfectly ok to piss anywhere other than the designated bathroom areas.  I’m tired of hairballs and ruined furniture.  I’m tired of every black piece of clothing I own looking like ass if I sit down in my house.  I’m just…yeah…

Am I going to get rid of them?  No, not at the moment….but I’ve already gotten rid of one cat who refused to use the box.  If I catch one of the two we have left doing it again that cat is gone. 

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