Jun 182008

I have four tickets to a Television Preview in Clearwater that I cannot use because I have friends coming over to hang out. If anyone would like them they are welcome to them.

Just as a heads up – This isn’t a scam of any kind. The reason I got the tickets is because I’ve been to one before, and it’s everything they advertise it to be. They’ll show you a few half hour shows, get your feedback, and give away some door prizes. I can’t remember if they actually bothered to give out refreshments or not, but I think they did (it’s been a while). The shows I saw when I went were pretty awful and none of them made it on the air, so I can’t make any promises that you’ll actually be ENTERTAINED (unless, that is, you like bad television). They also won’t bug you a lot if you give them your contact information. This is the first contact I’ve had from them since the last event I went to and that was over 12 years ago.

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