Jun 092008

Still in Denver and generally having a fantastic time of it.  I just had to take a brief moment to throw a bit of snark into my LJ, though. 

I just read the following in the Dragon*Con Live Journal community…

It is bad enough that BSG fans had to wait a year between seasons three and four. But to have some fracking suit have us wait ANOTHER year for the ‘mid season break’.

Possible resuming of BSG after the tenth epp in mid July. Is Late 08 to mid 09.

I am so glad i download the show. No one gets paid a dime for my watching the show. Here i had felt kind of bad because no one was getting any advertising revenue from me watching commercials. So i had planned on picking up the DVD’s. Since i enjoyed the show so much. If i purchase the DVD’s now. I make sure to pick them up from a seller in Hong Kong.

I do not care who’s fault it is. Weather it is Ron or some suit at the Sci-Fi channel. You do not treat fans like this.

Ok…seriously?  You can’t see the irony in your post?  You talk about how they fuck over the “fans” in the same post where you state that you always download them (confirming in a comment that it’s through BitTorrent) and haven’t purchased the DVD’s.  If you “enjoyed the show so much” maybe, just maybe, you could have…I dunno…done something to make sure that the network made some money off of you so that they’d have some motivation to keep it on the air??

This right here, my friends?  This is why we have shit like Survivor and American Idol.  You want quality television?  Watch it.  You know, when it’s actually on the air?  If you miss it when it’s on the air watch it on the network website if they offer the option.  BitTorrent is all fine and dandy, but if you’re making sure that the networks aren’t getting any of your advertising dollars you have no right to bitch if they cancel the show you’re downloading. 

I’d have thrown my 2 cents in there, but the post already has 51 comments of “yeah, fuck them” and there are just some battles not worth fighting. 

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