Jun 032008

Today is the last day of school. This is how my morning went with Alex…

7:00 AM – “Alex, get up. It’s time to get ready for school.”

7:20 AM – “Alex, get out of bed! It’s 7:20!”

8:00 AM – “Dude…Did you fall asleep in the shower again? It’s 8:00”

8:15 AM – “What the hell is taking you so long in there? It’s 8:15!”

8:30 – “Ok, Alex…seriously…it’s 8:30. Finish eating and get dressed you’re going to miss your bus.”

8:40 – “What?! No, I’m not driving you to the bus stop!”

And in the teenager’s room, his alarm has been going off every 10 minutes for the last 2 hours.


It’s gonna be a long summer.

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