May 052008

I’m itching to do some table top role-playing again.

It’s been a long time since our group has gotten together to do so.  In fact, I don’t think we’ve actually played an RPG since well before Dragon*Con last year.  Between


having a baby and the acquisition of Rock Band our gaming groups have been sporadic and largely taken up by eating and drinking with the occasional mini-concert thrown into the mix.

Note that there is nothing wrong with just hanging out while consuming good food and having a good time.  At all.  I do, however, get the urge to actually relive my childhood days on occasion though.

I have an idea of what I think would make a pretty decent campaign in the Star Trek Universe, but would need to pick up some new books to do so.  I have a few of the Last Unicorn Star Trek RPG books, but they were done by series and what I’d need to do would require stats from different eras.  I think the Decipher game covers that.  I’d also like to take another stab at running the Drow War campaign that

wrote.  We just started that when our gaming group got sporadic and never really made much progress in it.

I dunno.  It’s hard these days.  People have real lives and shit.  But at the very least we now have much more comfortable furniture in the living room for gaming on. 

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