May 052008

Dude.  They don’t make weekends like this often.

I got a TON done around the house on Saturday and Sunday, which may not seem like too much of a fun thing but I realized that part of my burnout with the whole MMO thing was that I was letting stuff slack around the household.  Things that, in all honesty, make me batshit crazy.  I wrote down a huge “to do” list for myself and got through most of it.  My kitchen is spotless, and the living room is looking pretty damn good too.  I planned out all the meals for the next two weeks and got the grocery shopping done.  I only got in 15 minute workouts on Saturday and Sunday, but I coupled that with many hours of cleaning activity so I still count that as a win.

Got to take in a baseball game Saturday morning, which isn’t really the pinnacle of fun for me personally but I love getting to watch Alex play.  Saturday night I went to see Iron Man with the family along with Xany and Lexy.  Did the responsible thing and ate off the Weight Watchers menu at Applebee’s so I could splurge on popcorn and Sno-Caps at the movie theater.  The movie absolutely blew me away, and if you’re any kind of comic geek you MUST stay through the credits.  Went home and was still in a movie mood so I took in Serenity in the living room with the new furniture, TV and surround sound system.  Yes indeed, watching movies at home has become an enjoyable experience again.

One brief bitch/comment about Saturday night, though.  Holy crap it’s expensive to take my family out for dinner and a movie!

Tickets for four purchased in advance online : $40.00
Dinner for four at Applebee’s : $60
Snacks at the theater : $35
A fun evening with family and friends : Priceless

The feather in the cap of the weekend was going with our guild to Magtheridon’s Lair in World of Warcraft and downing him on our first ever trip there.  That, and everyone along stating that I should be the one to loot his head for the quest that you get afterward. 

Yeah, good times.  Good times indeed.

More weekends like this, please!  Next weekend is already looking good with

 coming over on Saturday, and of course the weekend after that is our trip to St. Augustine.

Yay!  Happy times!

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