Apr 262008

May 16th – 19th : St. Augustine with


June 5th – 9th : Denver with netgoth for Scott and Donna’s wedding.

June 20th – 27th : My sister Karen and her family will be visiting from Missouri.

August 8th – 10th : Convergence 14 in Tampa

August 13th – 17th : Gen Con Indy with Alex and

 . Will get to meet

  and hopefully see John and Random.

August 23rd : See Embedded

August 27th – September 2nd : Dragon*Con in Atlanta with


  and possibly

 . Hooking up with many of the Children ofMidian guild mates.

TBA : A trip to the Magic Kingdom with the family, compliments of my pay from Rosencrantz and Guildenstern

I cannot even express how excited I am about all of this, or about how I’m finally able to afford doing this kind of stuff without putting myself in the poor house.

  and I have both suffered through a lot and worked very hard to get where we are. Hell, she’s been homeless and if it weren’t for Karen I would have lost this house after my divorce. It’s been really rough for a long time, and it’s nice to have finally gotten to a point where things aren’t quite so hard in the financial department. They aren’t perfect – I still don’t have any savings to speak of and pretty much live paycheck to paycheck, but I’m doing that because I’m putting lots of money on to credit cards and paying down certain ones to 0 every time I run them up again.

Progress is being made, and despite the downturn in the economy recently we’re in a pretty good place.

So…Yay. 🙂

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