Apr 242008

Last night at my weekly weigh in I was just over 248 pounds.  The next ten pound barrier has been broken, and it’s a big psychological one (250 has always been a big benchmark to me, and the last time I crossed it I was supposed to buy myself a leather jacket.  I may have to do that this time).

I noticed in the pictures that my Mother snuck during Rosencrantz and Guildenstern that my face is really starting to look much thinner.  It’s a wee bit unnerving, as I still have a monstrous cranium.  I think I’ve shaken the “round” face that I’d gotten back to, though.

I am down a little over 40 pounds since returning from Goth Cruise.

None of the shorts that I currently own fit properly without a belt.

I can actually do push ups now.  Not a lot of them, but I can do some.

More and more people are commenting on the amount of weight I’ve lost recently when they see me in person.

My legs and forearms are looking pretty good.

All in all, pretty damn happy with the physical bits at the moment.

Now I just gotta quit smoking again.

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