Apr 142008

I love how every time a major online game has a patch that doesn’t work out quite as well as planned their user base explodes with a veritable shit storm of how horrible the developers are.

Over the weekend, I upgraded a database that currently serves approximately 500 employees. I had to do it twice, because I copied the wrong one over the first time. Despite the fact that it was tested for over a week before the implementation there were many issues that I simply didn’t foresee, and our intranet was down for approximately two hours during the middle of the workday today. I just now got finished feeling comfortable enough with where things stand that I’ve finished work for the evening.

Again, this intranet server 500 employees.

World of Warcraft has approximately 10 million subscribers.

This is why I chill on patch day.

I believe I’m going to get my ass away from the computer and go sit on our new living room furniture to read for a while before I crash and burn.

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