Mar 062008


The GOP in the state of Florida decide to move their primaries up ahead of just about everyone else.  The Republican party responds by cutting the number of delegates that will be seated in Florida in half.  The Democrats tell Florida that if they have their primaries on that day NONE of their delegates will be seated, and they suggest that Democrats caucus at a later date instead.  Democrats choose to go ahead with the vote knowing full well that their delegates will not be seated.  Hillary wins, but gains no delegates. 

Fast forward to now.

Yesterday our Governor, Charlie Christ, started making noise about Florida voters being disenfranchised and insisting that their votes be counted.  Chain gang Charlie (who, in the spirit of honest discourse I must say I generally have no real issue with) supported John McCain for President.  On Tuesday John McCain clinched the Republican nomination so it doesn’t matter if he gets his full complement of delegates in Florida.  It COULD matter, however, on the Democrat side.  Florida is an all or nothing state, and Hillary won.  With as close as the Democratic primary looks like it is going to be, the Florida votes could very well swing things in her favor.

Many on the conservative right are urging their herds to support Hillary Clinton.  People like Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh have even talked about raising money for her.  Why?  Because they don’t think she has a chance in hell of beating McCain, but they think Obama does.  Many Conservatives have said that they would not vote in the general election if McCain was the nominee UNLESS it was an anti-Hillary vote.  They hate McCain, but they hate her more. 

So…am I the only one who finds it a bit fishy that we’re only seeing Charlie pipe up about this issue NOW?

Don’t get me wrong – I hate the fact that Florida has become a laughingstock for the whole “Republican Voting Conspiracy” thing, but you gotta admit this one at least looks funny on the surface.

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