Feb 242008

It’s a damn shame that Mike Huckabee has that whole religious nutjob thing going for him, because he seems to have a pretty good sense of humor. Examples…

Huckabee overstays welcome on Saturday Night Live
The “Chuck Norris Approved” Mike Huckabee campaign ad

Too bad he’s batshit crazy.

It reminds me of Bob Dole after losing the election in 1996. One of his first post-election interviews was on the David Letterman show. Dave asked him what he’d been up to recently, and Bob replied with “Not enough, apparently.”

I really wish we saw more of this kind of thing in politics. I’m not saying politics should be a big joke (well, ok…it already is). I just wish there was more room for politicians to lighten up and be themselves. Especially after the last 8 years (you know, where every pre-written speech sounds exactly the same as the last one, with the same pauses, inflection, and generally lacking anything even remotely interesting).

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