Feb 222008

I have a real problem with people who act like they are an authority on a subject, to the point of being arrogant about it, who really are just clueless.

Oh, and to explain the post I made yesterday – Last weekend I made the mistake of shaving my head with a razor that had been used one too many times. In doing so I gave myself several kinda nasty gashes on my skull. netgoth says it looks like someone went after my head with a potato peeler. As I do not wish to have any (more) scars on the top of my head, I am doing my absolute best to leave them alone. Throughout the course of the day, though, I touch my head a lot. Scratching, rubbing it while thinking, that kinda thing. When I do this I notice the scabs and how much they itch. I want nothing more than to scratch them like there is no tomorrow, and it’s driving me insane.

Thus, the Jack Torrence post you got yesterday.

Heeeeere’s Johnny.

I have a lot of general life kind of updates to make, but not doing so right this minute. Maybe later.

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