Feb 152008

Outside of the occasional Friday “soup and salad” excursion that

and I make to Sweet Tomatoes, I generally bring my lunch from home when I’m working in the office.  There are two main reasons for this.  The main one is that it’s much easier to accurately journal my food intake if I know in advance what I’m eating (as opposed to trying to find healthy choices at a restaurant).  Equally as important, it’s significantly cheaper to bring food from home (I realized at one point that I was spending in excess of $40 a week on lunches when I was working for Staples). 

My lunch will generally consist of a main course (sandwich or Lean Cuisine meal), a piece of fruit, some small snacks and a Dole Parfait.  These lovely little indulgences are only 2 POINTS, and full of yum.  The problem is that we never have plastic spoons here at the office.  Forks?  Tons of them.  No spoons, though.  As a result I usually end up eating my parfait with a fork and scooping out the remains with a finger.

My class.  Let me show you it.

So anyway…As I was packing my lunch this morning, I actually remembered to put a spoon in my bag.  I noted that, because my son has lost my lunch box in the confines of his Mother’s house, I was going to have to remember to actually bring it home but figured it wouldn’t be too much of an issue.  I was happy that I remembered and looked forward to a considerably less messy parfait experience.

I just opened up my lunch and realized the fatal flaw in all my planning.

I actually forgot to pack the parfait.

My lunch.  It is made of fail.

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