Jan 182008

Some of you may recall I was pretty pissed off about the fact that Spider-Man was going to unmask himself in the “Civil War” storyline. 

Well, gee…what a shocker.  Despite their claims to the contrary, this was never intended to be a permanent situation

You might think I’m happy about this.

I’m not.

Why?  Because while the initial decision to do so was a monumental mistake and took the character in a direction that I thought was wrong, up to and including giving him all kinds of additional powers (organic web shooters being one of them), yet again it was all just a set up for them to press the magic reset button.  Instead of showing some kind of commitment and making the change permanent, it was all just a gimmick to drive sales.

Spidey and Mary Jane make a deal with the devil, and everything reverts back to the way it was 20 years ago.  No more crazy new powers.  No more Spidey and Mary Jane.  His identity is secret and he’s yet again struggling to balance his life as a superhero with paying the bills and taking care of his poor, sick Aunt May.


Here’s a thought, dickwads.  Don’t fuck with the characters in the first place!  Then you wouldn’t have to write these bullshit storylines to make up for the fact that you wrote stupid bullshit to begin with.

I understand Captain America (the original Steve Rogers) is coming back as well.


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