Dec 282007

I’m in a cranky fucking mood today.

I’ve had it about up to here with the boys. Seriously. You go out of your way to give them a good Christmas, to the point where I’m worried about how I’m going to pay for groceries over the next two weeks, and it’s just not enough. There always seems to be something else they have to have to make them happy. Some other game. Some type of food. Something. Something I have to do for them.

It’s never, ever enough.

Just once, I’d really like for someone in this house other than Krystalle to take the time to say “thanks for everything you do.”

Course, it’s not helping that it’s the same way in friggin’ game as well. It’s a constant cycle. One day I’ve got someone thanking us for all the hard work that we do, the next day someone is finding something to fucking bitch about. When is that next big WoW killing game coming around, anyway?

It’s Friday, I’m up 3 pounds from the previous week, I’m stressed about money, and I’m feeling really, really unappreciated at the moment.

How’s your day?

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