Oct 192007

Went amazingly well.  What a phenomenal audience, including the most precious little girl who came wearing a Gashlycrumb Tinies T-Shirt.  She looked to be around five, and after the performance she was standing out front holding one of the white boa feathers that fell off during the show as if it were some great treasure.  What was really funny is that she was standing there with her family pointing at us and saying making sure they knew who we were (my favorite being “THAT’S LITTLE HENRY!”), but she completely shut down and got shy when we actually went up to talk to her.

Kids rock.

But hey, don’t just take my word on it.  Check out a few of the comments that are sparking up on livejournal already…

I just saw Jobsite’s “Gorey Stories” and it was seriously the best stage performance they have ever done. YOU MUST SEE THIS SHOW! I was absolutely *blown away* by this show. F’ing hilarious and simultaneously exquisite in every way!

, commenting in the


LOVED it! My bf and I were obnoxiously quoting lines at each other on the drive back to Orlando. Any plans for putting the soundtrack on CD?


, commenting on a post in my livejournal.

Just found out this morning that a few of my co-workers are coming to see the show, too.  So should you!  (You knew there’d be a shill in here somewhere).  Tickets are still available!

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