Sep 032007

So I’m sitting here in the hotel room waiting for the bellhop to help get our bags down to the motor lobby and load the car for the trip home.  It’s been a very mixed weekend.  I ended up getting sucked back into work yesterday afternoon, and with the exception of some early morning autograph hunting and a nap spent most of it in front of the computer again.  I did finally break free in the early evening hours and got to spend some time with my friends Brooks and Holly.  I thought the night was going to be over around midnight, but Krystalle decided she wanted to go hang with the folks she’s met here at the con and we ended up doing so until about 4 AM.  Good times, that, and really one of the big reasons I enjoy coming to D*C every year. 

Kinda makes the fact that I missed most of the con easier to bear, really.

Unfortunately I’m going to be right back in the shit tomorrow morning.  I honestly don’t know if I’ll get any sleep in my bed tonight.  I have to be at work at 4:30 AM tomorrow for the official launch, and I don’t think we’re going to make it in tonight until sometime around midnight (if not later).  On top of all that?  I’m pretty sure I have a rehearsal tomorrow night for Gorey Stories.  I have to double check when I get home.

All in all I’m glad I came from the perspective of seeing my friends and meeting some new folks, but I’m very glad that the room is going to end up being expensed by the folks Krys works for.  If I had to pay for the room and gas and what not I’d be much more upset about the amount of time I spent sequestered here.

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