Aug 312007

Day one – Got in, took a nap.  Got a phone call about 4 PM from work.  Worked until 10 PM.

Day two – Woke up at 7:30 AM.  Got breakfast.  Back to the hotel room and started working by 8:30.  Took a lunch break around 2.  Various smoke breaks throughout.  It’s now 9:15 PM.  I just finished working, I hope, for the weekend.  At this point, however, it’s very likely that I’m going to find something to eat and go to bed for the night.  I’m fucking fried.

Knew it was a possibility, so I’m not angry about it or anything like that.  Just…meh.

Aug 312007

Is there a place in the Peachtree Center where I can get a USB Mouse that won’t kill me price wise? 

Looks like I’m going to be working most of today, and unfortunately I didn’t bring a mouse with me.  Attempting to code with a small keyboard AND using the pad on my laptop is sure to make me even crankier than the fact that I’m going to spend the majority of my time today in the hotel room.

Aug 272007


Coming up in just a few weeks – Jobsite’s annual fundraiser/season wrap party at New World Brewery. This year’s fundraiser is more important than ever due to the untimely closing of Hurlyburly. We suffered a significant financial setback, a first for our company. If you want to help make sure Jobsite can make it to our 10th birthday, PLEASE consider attending the fundraiser on Sept. 15. You may also donate directly via PayPal on or mail a check to P.O. Box 7975, Tampa, FL, 33673.

We need your help!

Aug 222007

Ok…my last post REALLY was supposed to have a lot more content than “I don’t get comments,” and it wasn’t intended to be a cry for attention.  I just didn’t have time to post more.

But thanks anyway.  🙂

Aug 222007

So, umm.  Yeah.  Hi everyone.  I’m still here.  Kinda.  I guess.  I post so infrequently these days that I’m starting to wonder if a lot of folks out there in LJ land have filtered me off their reading lists.  I mean, when I do make one of my rare two line posts I hardly even get comments anymore.  Le sigh.  Of course, I could always just fish for comments by making some kind of reference to being horny or something.

We all know that long content is boring and sex gets comments. 

But my sister bitches at me when I don’t post for long periods of time, and I think my Mom gets annoyed with me for the same reason.  Which…is really kind of odd and disturbing in a way, and pretty much guarantees that my days of public posts about getting my freak on are done.

The new web site…

Ok…I got that far at around 9:15 AM this morning.  It is now 11:40, and I’ve been busy ever since.  I figured I’d have some time to write between tasks today, but that is not proving to be the case so I’m finishing this now.

One week until we leave for Dragon*Con.  I really, really need this.

Aug 202007

I wrote a few months ago about running into Kerry Glamsch during a performance of Woman In Mind.

Yesterday I got news that I’ve been cast as Harold in Gorey Stories, but the “my acting career seems to be coming full circle” doesn’t end there. What I wasn’t aware of until Saturday was that one of the pieces in Gorey Stories is a piece called Charlotte Sophia. Charlotte Sophia is one of the bits that Kerry adapted for our ninth grade production. In that piece I played the part of the drunk who gets “the horrors.”

In Gorey Stories Harold is the narrator of that story. That is until about half way through. At that point he switches up and becomes…

The drunk who gets “the horrors.”

Aug 192007

Woke up around 10:30 AM.  Kind of shuffled out to my computer, screwed around for a bit while I made some coffee, then I started working on our new web site.  I stopped around 2:15, did some exercise and took a shower, then went over to Tampa for a Gorey Stories callback.  Got home around 6:30, grabbed a quick bite, and started coding again.

It’s now 1:00 AM.  I have been beating my head against the desk for the last 2 hours because something that is working perfectly in Firefox isn’t working in Internet Explorer at all.

Why yes, you are correct in noting that it’s a Saturday.

Have I mentioned that I’m salaried?

Finished now.