Jul 182007

Shut it off.


If you don’t want it spoiled, turn off all media until Friday night. Between the number of people who I’ve seen trying to spoil it and the undoubted news coverage that is going to happen over people spoiling it, you’re almost 100% certain to have some aspect of the book spoiled for you if you don’t tune out the world over the course of the next few days.

I’d also wear an iPod with the volume turned up loud when you purchase your books. You know, in case you run into donwaughesq.

On that note – I’m really going to be glad when this series is over. From seeing far more of Daniel Radcliffe’s naughty bits than I ever really had a desire to see, to assholes who think it’s funny when a fanboy/girl goes head explodey over having a book spoiled, to people who say that they hope someone gets cancer and dies over spoiling said book….this entire thing is just nauseating to me.

It’s just a series of books. Good books? Sure. Great books? Maybe. Hours and hours of entertainment for those of you who enjoy them. Undoubtedly. In the end, though, they are just books. Getting so worked up over the possibility of someone spoiling the ending for you that you seriously wish for another human being (muggle or no) to suffer one of the most horrible deaths I can imagine is just…disturbing.

Oh, and to you Mr. “Ha Ha I ruined the ending”? It’s not going to be as funny 10 years from now, and you’re actually gonna feel like a real ass over it. That is, unless you never actually grow up and you still live with your parents 10 years from now.

And no – I haven’t read them. Because I got half way through the first book with my son and just didn’t care to finish it.

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