Jun 072007

Your current weight | 270.2 lb
Weight change since your last recorded weight | -5.6 lb
Total weight change to date | -149 lb

Seeing the change in my actual measurements last week helped me continue to get 100% back on track with the weight loss program, and boy did it show! It wasn’t easy, though. Getting back on the exercise, in particular, was rough. I was seriously hurting for a few days there, to the point where walking down stairs was a painful act of concentration. I had a physical challenge two days ago, and I was at 269 on the home scale…I didn’t want to get my hopes up for being below 270, but I WAS hoping it was a sign of good things at the scale. So glad I was right.

I noticed when I was leaving that the shorts I’m wearing are really loose. Like, I should be wearing a belt loose.

Oh, darn.

A little historical data on my current weight.

I have lost 18.4 pounds since getting home from Goth Cruise last January.

This is my lowest recorded weight since 02/26/05. I weighed in that day at 272 pounds, and have not been below that number since. I have generally foundered in the mid to upper 270’s the entire time, but I have spent some time in the 280’s as well. If I can continue this trend for just one more week and lose anything more than .2 pounds, I will be breaking a plateau that has lasted for 121 weeks (yes, I could consider hitting the new low breaking the plateau, but the 270’s have become my current El Juapo, and until they die like a dog I will still consider myself at a plateau).

Thank you all for the support you’ve given me through this. It helps. It really does.

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