May 232007

So this upcoming weekend is going to be jam packed. We’ve got a whole bunch of people coming into town who are in our guild to attend Mordvergence over in Tampa, and quite a few of them are staying here. Haven’t had that many people crashing at the house since Beau died, I think. Not for more than one night, anyway.

So here’s the itinerary on our side of the pond.

Thursday – Get some work done in the yard. Hit Sam’s Club. Stock up on sodas, snacks, and easy to eat foodstuffs for our guests. Chesch arrives early evening. Will hit the 5:30 Weight Watchers meeting and probably leave it early when he calls. Suspect he may want some grub, so wait on hitting Subway until he arrives. Last night of relative calm before the storm.

Friday – People arriving all day! John and Random arrive approximately 4:00 PM, have rental car and hotel so I suspect we’ll see them at the house a few hours after that. Rick and Karen land at 7:05 PM at St. Pete/Clearwater airport. Scott arrives early evening – has rental car. Blaise arrives at some point depending on when he leaves coccoa beach. I plan to have lots of sandwich fixings available in the house as co-ordinating one feeding time for all these folks with the different arrival times is going to be problematic at best. Once everyone arrives and is settled, get dolled up and head over to Ybor for Castle invasion. Probably go out to breakfast after, because…you know..that’s what you do.

Saturday – Wake up. This part is very important. Make some breakfasts for the horde. There is talk of a Dali Museum outing during the day. Pete arrives at some point. Mordvergence begins at 4 PM. Much fearing of the Mord commences.

Sunday – Laugh at the thought of being up and outside by 8 AM. Laugh even harder at the thought of roller blading. Bask in the safe comfort of not having all kinds of cuts and bruises and sleep for a few more hours. Wake up, more breakfasts, figure out daytime activities. Chesch needs to be at the airport for a 5:50 flight, so probably drop him off on the way over to Rafe and Kim’s for evening festivities there.

Monday – Low key activity day. Possibly hit the Lowry park zoo. Not sure when some folks are leaving yet. Maybe they never are! Edited to add Rick and Karen fly out from St. Pete/Clearwater at 9:30 PM.

Tuesday – John and Random depart. Realize I have to actually go back to work the next day. Take comfort in the fact that I’ll at least be working from home.

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