May 102007

There is a downfall to running a guild in which the large majority of your players are not only people you know in real life, but people who actually read your live journal.  It kind of makes it difficult for me to take off my “diplomatic manager hat” and be a snarky, nasty asshole in my blog.

Which, if this is the place I’m supposed to be able to just vent and be myself, must mean I’m a snarky, nasty asshole.

Meh.  I can live with that.

Regardless, I will choose discretion in this and not go into truly sordid details. 

I just wish that people would have talked directly to me, or if I was unapproachable one of the other officers, instead of letting this shit fester to the point where heads exploded.

I also find it sad/amusing that someone who we let into our guild because of drama caused when they refused to group with someone in another guild started the same problems in our guild.  I guess I should have seen that coming.

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