May 042007
Your current weight | 278.4 lb 
Weight change since your last recorded weight | -1.2 lb 
Total weight change to date | -140.8 lb 

I am ok with this.  I am not ecstatic about it, but I’m ok.  It’s within the normal realm of acceptable weight loss, and my clothes are getting unquestionably looser.  What I’m doing is working, but it’s going to be much slower than the last time I dropped a lot of weight.  I’m…not ok with that…but it’s realistic and I have to accept it.

Positives, though –

Tomorrow will be 8 weeks without a cigarette.  I no longer have a  smoker’s cough, and my singing voice has improved dramatically.

I did a 60 minute workout on Wednesday.  Mind you, it was a flexibility workout and not really very intense, but it was still 60 minutes.  When I started back on the Yourself Fitness bandwagon in December I was doing 15 minute workouts and they were kicking my ass.  Tonight I’m going to try to do a 60 minute cardio workout before going to Alex’s baseball game.  That should be fun.

I’ve started giving myself fewer points for workouts.  It’s VERY hard to convert what I do with Y!F to activity points, because like any decent workout the intensity changes throughout.  If I work out for 45 minutes, it’s not 45 minutes of just one level of activity (and as it changes every day it’s hard to guess how long of each type I do…and I’m not taking notes while I workout).  At the end of a workout I get a “calories burned” total.  I was giving myself one point for every 50 calories, but based on something

said I did some research on the Weight Watchers forum and confirmed that the consensus seems to be one point for every 100 calories.  I’ve also started immediately using the points I get for working out to get some healthy protein in (a hand full of almond and a few slices of turkey breast generally do the trick). 

I’ve started taking measurements (last week) instead of just counting on the scale to see results.  Am only going to take them once a month, though.

Speaking of food, it’s time to go get some salad with

, so I’ll catch you cats later.

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