Apr 242007

For those of you who have been sucked into the show as much as I have, I highly recommend that you take some time to read the free Interactive Novel that is up on the NBC web site. While you aren’t necessarily missing anything from the show if you don’t, there are definitely some big revelations there that make the story a little more interesting.

The woman who got Parkman and the radioactive guy (can’t remember his name at the moment) together is a major character in the online comic, and you can find out all about her back story as well as how NBC is using her “powers” to actually have the character communicate with the fans through a blog.

Nathan and Peter’s Father served in Vietnam with Linderman, where he was saved by his healing abilities. It can also be said that Mr. Petrelli is responsible for helping Linderman adopt the philosophy he expresses in the latest episode (“0.7%”).

This next one is the really big one, and may possibly be revealed next week on the actual show…as such, you might wanna look away.

Ok… I’m serious, dude.

I warned you…

The Hiro from the future who met Peter in the Subway comes from a future with a different past than the one we are seeing in the show. In that future, Sylar DID kill Claire and steal her powers at the homecoming game. Sylar was also the exploding man. Hiro tried to stop him by stabbing him with his sword, but the regenerative powers that were stolen from Claire saved his life. This is why he told Peter to “Save the Cheerleader” to save the world.

In related news…This show, along with Who Wants To Be A Superhero and the upcoming Spider-Man 3 movie have made me REALLY want to start playing in a super hero based RPG again.

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