Apr 232007

So last night we made our second ever all guild attempt of the Black Morass, which is the second event you find in the Caverns of Time.  The first time we tried it was about two months ago, right after we first got the ability to do so.  It was a nightmare, really.  In the event you face 18 waves of monsters, with three of those waves having a “boss” type of monster.  We never made it past the 6th wave in that first attempt.

Last night?  We finished the whole event on the first try.  No deaths.

We didn’t even have to use an ungodly number of consumeables (potions, bandages, etc…).   Nothing more than we’d have used doing any other dungeon, anyway.  All told, I used one Greater Intellect Potion, one Adept’s Elixir, one Elixir of Healing Power, 2 Super Mana Potions and 1 Bandage.

So…what’s the difference between now and then?

Gear, mostly.  Proof that Blizzard had a pretty clear plan in mind on how you’re supposed to progress through the Burning Crusade content, if you ask me.  At the time our gear was largely uncommon (green), with a few rares (blues) and maybe a leftover old content Epic (purple) or two.  The party last night had been working for a while in Outland, improving their gear and tweaking their specs, and it showed. 

Tonight we’re trying again.  Might be a completely different story.  Our tank is new to level 70, having pushed an alt through because of our lack of tanks.  On the upside, it would be nice if we made it and he got the two items that were sharded (destroyed because nobody can use them) last night.

Edit – Comment from

reminded me I should put up our group configuration. 

Druid (Tank), Shaman (Healer), Shaman (DPS), Rogue (DPS), Hunter (Non-elite wrangling, DPS)

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