Apr 032007

I’m in Orlando, and will be all this week, for some Adobe Flash training.  So far it’s going pretty well and in just two days I’ve already learned a lot. 

I’ve got lots of thoughts running through my head at the moment, but I only have time for a very brief post.  As such, I really wanted to ask yet again that you all make an effort to go see The March of the Kitefliers – especially this weekend.  We saw it last weekend, and amazingly enough I think I laughed harder than I did either time I saw it before.  It really is that good, and Jobsite needs our support now more than ever.

It’s important.  Not only to the arts scene in Tampa, and not only to Jobsite as a company.  It’s important to me because the people I work with there aren’t just my professional associates.  It feels like my artistic home, and they are as such part of my family.

So if you don’t go see it for any of the good reasons (wanting to be entertained or supporting local theater), go see it because you like me.   I mean, seriously, I fucking rule.  You owe me that much at least, bitches.

What?  I couldn’t get TOO sincere there, could I?

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