Apr 272007

I’m having a serious down day as far as my weight is concerned.  Down as in “not feeling motivated and getting frustrated again,” not down as in loss.

That’s part of the problem.

I was only down .4 pounds this week.  This is a week after being up over 3 pounds.  Now normally I’m ok with that kind of thing, but…I’ve been working incredibly hard.  I’ve been journaling everything.  Everything.  I’ve been exercising every day.  I’ve been getting my water in.  Taking vitamins.  You name it.

I’ve even quit smoking for fuck’s sake.  Tomorrow will be seven weeks.

I’m sorry, but a net gain of 2.6 pounds over a two week period in which I have done some seriously high intensity exercise every day is fucking frustrating.

K. says she can really see the difference.  I posted some pictures yesterday (for those of you on that filter), and I can even see some of it.  But it’s too slow and subtle for me to see easily.  I live in this body.  Every day.  I look at it.  Every day.  Slow changes don’t register because I adapt to them as they happen.  The scale is my best indicator as to what is going on.

And all the fucking scale is doing is showing me that I’m STILL STUCK IN THE SAME GOD DAMNED WEIGHT RANGE I’VE BEEN IN SINCE JANUARY OF 2005.


There are a few more things I could do.  I could give up the coffee.  I could stop eating at my desk.  I could stop with the low point snacking and switch to raw veggies. 

Or I could just be patient, keep doing what I’m doing, and accept the fact that it’s going to take time for this recent fitness routine I’m on to start showing up on the scale.  Accept the changes that Krys is pointing out to me physically.  Accept the progress that I’m seeing when I take my Physical Challenges.

But damn it’s hard sometimes.

Oh, by the way….I DID get a cloth measuring tape….and I started to take my own measurements….and they were so far off from what I think they should be I was either doing it horribly wrong or I’m physically even bigger than I realized I had gotten again…so not so sure I’m willing to risk that kind of psychological damage to myself.  IF I do it, though, do any of you happen to have a link to some kind of chart or easy measurement tracking system up I’d really appreciate it.

Apr 242007

For those of you who have been sucked into the show as much as I have, I highly recommend that you take some time to read the free Interactive Novel that is up on the NBC web site. While you aren’t necessarily missing anything from the show if you don’t, there are definitely some big revelations there that make the story a little more interesting.

The woman who got Parkman and the radioactive guy (can’t remember his name at the moment) together is a major character in the online comic, and you can find out all about her back story as well as how NBC is using her “powers” to actually have the character communicate with the fans through a blog.

Nathan and Peter’s Father served in Vietnam with Linderman, where he was saved by his healing abilities. It can also be said that Mr. Petrelli is responsible for helping Linderman adopt the philosophy he expresses in the latest episode (“0.7%”).

This next one is the really big one, and may possibly be revealed next week on the actual show…as such, you might wanna look away.

Ok… I’m serious, dude.

I warned you…

The Hiro from the future who met Peter in the Subway comes from a future with a different past than the one we are seeing in the show. In that future, Sylar DID kill Claire and steal her powers at the homecoming game. Sylar was also the exploding man. Hiro tried to stop him by stabbing him with his sword, but the regenerative powers that were stolen from Claire saved his life. This is why he told Peter to “Save the Cheerleader” to save the world.

In related news…This show, along with Who Wants To Be A Superhero and the upcoming Spider-Man 3 movie have made me REALLY want to start playing in a super hero based RPG again.

Apr 232007

So last night we made our second ever all guild attempt of the Black Morass, which is the second event you find in the Caverns of Time.  The first time we tried it was about two months ago, right after we first got the ability to do so.  It was a nightmare, really.  In the event you face 18 waves of monsters, with three of those waves having a “boss” type of monster.  We never made it past the 6th wave in that first attempt.

Last night?  We finished the whole event on the first try.  No deaths.

We didn’t even have to use an ungodly number of consumeables (potions, bandages, etc…).   Nothing more than we’d have used doing any other dungeon, anyway.  All told, I used one Greater Intellect Potion, one Adept’s Elixir, one Elixir of Healing Power, 2 Super Mana Potions and 1 Bandage.

So…what’s the difference between now and then?

Gear, mostly.  Proof that Blizzard had a pretty clear plan in mind on how you’re supposed to progress through the Burning Crusade content, if you ask me.  At the time our gear was largely uncommon (green), with a few rares (blues) and maybe a leftover old content Epic (purple) or two.  The party last night had been working for a while in Outland, improving their gear and tweaking their specs, and it showed. 

Tonight we’re trying again.  Might be a completely different story.  Our tank is new to level 70, having pushed an alt through because of our lack of tanks.  On the upside, it would be nice if we made it and he got the two items that were sharded (destroyed because nobody can use them) last night.

Edit – Comment from

reminded me I should put up our group configuration. 

Druid (Tank), Shaman (Healer), Shaman (DPS), Rogue (DPS), Hunter (Non-elite wrangling, DPS)

Apr 192007

So this last week, I really kicked my exercise up a notch.  Hell, one of my workouts this week burned 550 calories.  Got all my water in.  Didn’t even use all my FLEX points.  Really kicked some diet ass.

I’m up 3.2 pounds.

Yes, Yes…I know why….but…


Apr 192007

Went and watched my son and his classmates get utterly and completely humiliated in a Battle of the Books competition today.  Of the six schools in the round they were in, they came in sixth.  They had one point at the end.  The winning team, in comparison, had 145. 

The fact of the matter is that the failure lies largely in the lap of the coaches from their school.  These kids were NOT prepared.  They were quizzed from a list of questions about the books that the coaches used (I’m assuming) for the competition at the school to select the team.  They knew that list very well, but seemed to know diddly about anything that happened in the books otherwise.  When asked about studying for the contest, Alex said they were working with the list.  He was never instructed to read the books again.  He wasn’t, apparently, quizzed on anything outside of those lists…Hell, they didn’t even co-ordinate wearing the same shirts.  Every other team had all their kids in the same shirts.  Our team looked like they wandered in off the street.

Needless to say, it was humiliating for him.

On top of that, his baseball team has lost 13 games in a row with only 7 games left in the season.  My sister says that’s a failure on the part of the coaches there as well, and makes some very valid points for that argument.  At the very least, it is safe to say that the boys aren’t enjoying themselves.

My son is learning a lot about losing this year.

But wait…today gets better….

I got phone call shortly after getting home from my sister, who was nearly hysterical.  Turns out my nephew is deploying to Iraq after all.  Gee, color me surprised. 

Yep….today is a ball of suck.