Mar 232007

Your current weight |   277.6 lb
Weight change since your last recorded weight |  -3.2 lb
Total weight change to date |  -141.6 lb

Just out of curiosity…

52 pounds in 52 Weeks
Week 12 Goal : -12 pounds
Week 12 Total : -6.8 pounds
Difference : -5.8 pounds

Wonder if it’s possible and/or healthy to catch up at this point?  It’s not really my long term focus anymore, but I have to admit to being curious as to how close I can get.  Made it a point to really stick to it this week, even though I didn’t have a big loss last week.  The irony is that this includes eating some truly horrendous food at the Renaissance Festival last weekend (hello fried Snickers).  Thing is, I tracked it all and still didn’t go over my weekly POINTS allowance.

And on that note, I need to go finish paying my bills so I can possibly get a workout in before work.

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