Mar 092007
Your current weight : 281.6 lb 
Weight change since your last recorded weight | +2.6 lb 
Total weight change to date | -137.6 lb 

I haven’t been really shocked about a weight gain in a long time, but this one took me off guard.  Especially the fact that it’s so big.  I was really good last week.  I journaled everything that went into my mouth, I got in my exercise, took my multivitamins, drank my water.  You name it.  Ok, two things come to mind.  I’ve upped the length of my workouts recently, and I walked four miles with my sister on Tuesday night. 

So yes, this could be water retention and muscle gain…but damn it.

I think I need to switch my goals.  The 52 pounds in 52 weeks goal is, I believe, too long term for me…and now that I’m having a hard time even staying close to that goal I’m getting discouraged again.  So maybe I’ll set mini-goals for every week, focused around things OTHER than actual weight loss. 

I need to get a damn measuring tape.  Desperately.  I know I’m smaller because my clothes are fitting better, and if I had some numbers to back that up it would be easier to deal with the gain.

So yeah.  Not so happy on the diet front today.

Oh, and for the record?  Healthy sounding wraps can still have a lot of points.

Fortunately I’ve hardly eaten anything today!

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