Feb 242007

Ok…the fates have now warned me that leaving the house again today would be a bad idea.

First off, today was the opening day of Alex’s new baseball season. I got to the field a little later than I was planning to, because I had to stop and pick up some two liters of soda for the opening day festivities. When I got there, I saw my ex-wife sitting on the ground next to what I initially thought from a distance was one of my nieces in a chair. It turned out to be my son, bent over in half and holding an ice pack to his face.

He took a baseball to the eye during the pre-game warm up. Pretty nasty shot, too. He’s got a slight cut over his left eye and a healthy bruise forming underneath it. Fortunately it doesn’t look like anything was broken or that any damage was done to the eye, but he was in a good deal of pain and sat out most of the game. He did manage to play outfield in one inning (and got a great stop), but he couldn’t see well enough to bat (due to the swelling).

So that sucked. I left the field and went to Publix. Got some foods. Everything going well. Was backing out of the parking space to head home.


Got into a collision with another car that was backing out at the same time. Pretty minor damage to my car, really. The driver of the other one took a bigger hit. Neither of us was at fault, according to the officers who came and filed the report.


Yep…Not leaving the house again today. It’s safe here.

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